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I have been a business colleague with Pat Church of PK Gills for 20 years. Pat has been one the earliest proponents of using fish as biological control of algae, weeds and aquatic insects. The use of fish greatly reduces or eliminates the need for hazardous, expensive and labor intensive chemical treatments in lake properties. Each lake has an individual, unique fish stocking plan based on water quality issues, budget and preferences of each property.

PK Gills works with management companies, golf courses, municipalities, HOAs and lake management companies to design a comprehensive fish stocking program for both short term issues and long term fish stocking plans. PK Gills will take care of the necessary permits, ordering, and transportation of the fish in a timely matter and keep the property management apprised of the status of all deliveries.

I own a lake management company and have been in the aquatics business for 20 years in AZ. PK Gills is the only company I use to provide fish for biological control or sport fishing programs in all my lake communities.

– Janet Scheffman, owner Hurricane Aquatics, LLC
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I have known Pat Church since 1986 in the capacity of a professional advisor.

Pat has earned my absolute admiration due to her knowledge of the fish industry and her willingness to always go above and beyond the call of duty.

She takes a no nonsense approach to each and every job and is always focused on the customer’s bottom line.

– Lynn Cook, CPA

Excerpt from an email received in Aug 2010


Overall, we’re very pleased with the success the fish are having and wish we had done this years ago. The efficiency of the fish in keeping the canal clean, along with the inexpensive maintenance costs have proven to be very agreeable to the annual operation and maintenance budget and the everyday maintenance efforts for the district.

Thank you,
B. Strader, PE
District Engineer/Water Operations Manager
Roosevelt Water Conservation District