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Pat Ann Church

Pat Ann Church is the founder and principal of P.K. Gills. Her career in lake management began in 1974 when she worked for her father. In 1977 she bought out Dad’s interest and became sole proprietor of Algae Control, a small, local company managing golf course ponds. The company grew and was incorporated in 1984 as Aquatic Dynamics Incorporated (ADI). Her efforts, in conjunction with a skilled staff of biologists, eventually led ADI to become the largest and most-respected lake management company in the Southwest United States.

Pat’s expertise was obtained via hands-on experience and through her association with top individuals in the aquatics and aquaculture industries. Her staff at ADI grew to over 20 people, including top limnologists and fisheries biologists.

The ADI reputation led to numerous projects covering thousands of acres of water in locations both foreign and domestic. Company contracts provided Pat opportunities to use various water management techniques and obtain reliable data only possible over many years of observation.

During the early days, chemical treatments were the preferred method of dealing with algae, aquatic weeds, and insect infestations. Pat experienced some negative health effects from using herbicides and was dismayed when lakes, repetitively treated with aquatic chemicals, developed chemically resistant algae. She believed the situation was similar to medical professionals over-prescribing antibiotics. As the environment became a more critical public issue, and chemical applicators were less likely to obtain liability insurance, Pat focused on using fish, organic dye and aeration as more natural methods of keeping aquatic systems healthy. She established a number of protocols relying on the natural food chain present in biological systems.

ADI was sold in 1998 however, Pat’s passion for promoting fish as an effective water quality management tool led her to establish Fresh Catch Fish (FCF) and P.K. Gills in 1999. Through the new companies she offers her 30-plus years of experience for those seeking stocking recommendations, natural and sustainable water quality management plans for their lake or canal, and methods of establishing a healthy sport fishery. Click here to tell us about your situation and learn how you can save money with a natural solution.