Supplemental Feeding

PK Gills AquaticsIn most cases we stock fish to consume algae, weeds, or insects. Supplemental feeding is not appropriate in these environments and will be at cross-purposes. Fish feed is an added nutrient in the water, as are the fish wastes that result. Supplemental feeding is usually left to aqua culturists raising food fish or perhaps Koi enthusiasts that are looking to increase the size and health of their pets.

Formulated feeds are available at most feed outlets and come in floating or sinking pellets. A great deal of work continues on the production of feeds directed at growing out large healthy table fish. Most of this work is species specific.

In the case of predator fish like bass, a forage base of live minnows should be present. If there are not enough forage fish, bass will not grow to their potential. At P.K. Gills we always take this into account when planning a healthy sport fishery, or working on lakes with a population of predator species like bass. This is a common problem in newly constructed lakes intended for bass fishing. It is important to get the working fish or biological control fish established first. In this way you manage the algae and weeds while developing a forage base for bass, which are introduced later.